But Why Don’t We Value Freedom?

July 4th 1776. The very day that our country gained her independence. The day that everyone in the United States of America is grateful for. But when I look around our country today I think What happened?! Our nation was founded on unity and brotherhood. Yes there were disagreements, yes there were feuds, but today we are not only arguing but harming our fellow countrymen over what I think we can all agree are trivial issues.  We are not respecting, or even caring about all of the work that our ancestors put in to build this country.

Yesterday morning, I sat on my back porch drinking my cup of coffee, writing in my gratitude/prayer pad, and praying to the God that I worship. I sat there and thought how incredibly blessed I am to be able to do that. Not just that I was able to pray openly, but the beautiful scenery around me, the fact that I can work wherever I choose so I didn’t have to be up extremely early, and the simple fact that I felt safe sitting outside by myself. These are all things that I know I take for granted every single day!

I know that not only this habit but many other things that I enjoy doing would not be possible without the brave troops who have fought for these freedoms from before July 4, 1776, until now. These men and women leave their families and friends for months or even years at a time, missing holidays, and memories to go to a foreign land, not sharing the freedoms we have here, to fight for them. I am well aware that this is very cliche and we hear this all the time, but obviously it does no good since every time I turn on the tv or look at a newspaper all I see are complaints about America and people being hurt or killed about some trivial issue!

Now I choose to support our troops because I appreciate my way of life and believe that they deserve it more than I can give. However, they are fighting for our right to speak freely.  If there is something that you don’t like, you have the right to speak about it, go on strike, protest, whatever you think, but remember who it is that is giving you this right. Without this country, it’s leaders, and the flag that so many people are hating and disrespecting, we would not have these rights and freedoms.

What makes the USA so great is how incredibly diverse we are. Our opinions and differences give us strength and our freedom to use them, is what keeps us at number one. If we could stop focusing on all these “controversial topics” and start focusing on how we can play off of each other’s strength to benefit not only our own country but ultimately the whole world! In my honest opinion, this is what our Founding Father’s had in mind from the beginning. They saw the value in freedom when freedom is used right.  If we could all remember where All of our ancestors came from, hardships in foreign countries, slavery, being moved from their land; look what happened next, the industrial revolution, going to the moon, the invention of automotive, the technology we have today. I say it’s about time that we come back together, be thankful for what our military and government does for us, and truly use and value the freedom we are given to continue making this country and this world great!

Happy Independence Day everyone! God Bless!

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