3 Important Lessons to Learn from Frustating Situations

Let me be real honest for a second, last week was really rough for me. They say “we all have those days”, well I had five of “those days” in a row. I don’t want to use my blog as a vent session for myself (even though sometimes it is really tempting, to be honest) so instead, I want to share three big lessons that I learned.

Part of my stress last week was due to the fact that I was trying to buy a car and had a heck-of-a-time getting financed for it. This car was perfect, it had everything that I needed and everything that I wanted. I was sitting down at the dealership ready to buy when my salesman came out and told me the bank they were working with wouldn’t loan me the money for that car.

Lesson 1: Do the Little Things

A few weeks prior to this event, I was reading in my Bible the story of Naaman. In this story, Naaman was a wealthy military leader who had a severe case of leprosy. Naaman went to the prophet Elijah to be healed.  Well, when Elijah told him to dip in the nasty Jordan river seven times to be healed, Naaman was less than thrilled. See he wanted some grand miracle and act of God, but God just wanted him to dip in the river repeatedly.  I’m definitely not bashing Naaman here because I can totally relate. I had to jump through a TON of hoops in order to get the loan for the car. It was not a simple process, but it is what I had to do in order to get the results that I wanted; like Naaman had to jump in the river seven times to be cured of his leprosy.

Lesson 2: There is ALWAYS a Solution

These were the wise words of my wise mother as I was on the phone in tears with her. (Did I mention that I already sold my other car? So I was really in the need of a vehicle.) While I was at the dealership trying to figure out some way to get approved for financing, she was on the phone with our local credit union figuring out what I could do to make this work. (Also proof that no matter how old I get I will always need my mommy.) So while I was feeling absolutely hopeless, she called and told me what steps I needed to take in order to get approved. It wasn’t the most traditional route, but it was doable. I suddenly had hope and motivation. I learned that no matter how impossible the task seems, or how many times you’re turned down, there is always always a solution if you’re willing to do what it takes.

Lesson 3: “Wait” Does Not Mean “No”

In the meantime of all this fiasco, the dealership proposed the option of a different vehicle I could possibly get approved for. It was newer, yes, but it wasn’t as nice and I simply didn’t like it as much as the other one. In the frustration and stress of the situation, I almost said yes. In this instance, mom said, “don’t settle”.  I knew what she meant; I knew that if I was patient and followed the steps to the solution that she had already given me, I could get the car that I wanted. Things were put on hold for me, but I was still able to get what I needed and wanted.

After this crazy hectic week, I found myself doing a lot of reflection. I saw that looking back on the problem I had was so huge in the moment, but it felt like if I had to do it all over again it would be so easy and so simple. I realized that these lessons I learned applied to every aspect of my life; school, relationships, everything. While I am extremely grateful for my new car, I am even more grateful for the new perspective that I gained through the whole process.

Whatever you’re going through, remember there is a greater purpose for it all. It seems impossible right now but nothing hard lasts forever.



I should start calling my parents more often than just when I need something, lol!

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