What the Next Part Says

One thing that I think is very important for you as my readers to know about me is that I call myself a Christian. I have chosen to put my faith in Christ as my Savior. I believe that through Him I have eternal life. If you are a skeptic of faith you probably have this question:


Did you grow up going to church and being taught that putting your faith in Jesus Christ will save you from Hell?


My answer: yes


But don’t quit reading yet. I do not choose faith because of how I was raised. In fact, if I believed as I do solely based on how I was raised, some things that happened in my adolescence would have completely turned me away.


However, I chose to look into what scripture says myself, and not just accept everything I learned at a young age. Let me tell you, that has made all the difference.


*DISCLAIMER: I am not saying that everything I was taught growing up is wrong, nor am I saying that I now have it all figured out.


What I have found, is that many times there are things that we hear at church, or in books (besides the Bible), in casual conversation, or even on the internet that are not necessarily scriptural. In this past year or so I have found how extremely important it is to check everything you hear with scripture.


However, the bigger lesson I have learned is to take scripture in context. I have been guilty of taking one verse and saying “Oh well the Bible says this so…..” and using it to my own advantage. If I had kept reading, and taken it in context, I would have found that how I was perceiving the verse was completely based on my own perspective and therefore misconstrued.


Recently I have been looking at several verses that I memorized as a kid, but I haven’t just re-read those verses. Now, I read the whole passage and have learned a little more about the context in which the book was written. This has given me a new perspective on my beliefs, and has most definitely strengthened my relationship with Christ.


This is why I decide to call this series What the Next Part Says”. I want to share with you what I have found, and why it is so critical to understand in an ever-growing, faith-based relationship. I hope you all enjoy and grow reading it, as much as I have while writing it.

One thought on “What the Next Part Says

  1. Linda clifton says:

    You are spot on in searching the scriptures. That’s the only way to get the right perspective. Interpret scripture with scripture. I’m so happy that you’re studying and growing in your faith.


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