Bah Bah, Ba Da Da, Ba Ba..Let’s Go, Girls!

Don’t act like you didn’t just read that in Shania Twain’s voice! And we all know that she knows that in the right outfit, a girl can do anything. My fashion is inspired by many different people, boutiques, and lifestyles. Sometimes, I’m a fan of the chic look.


Other days, I like to go back to my roots and get real western!


However, on most occasions, I like a mix of the two.

On this page, you will find my latest fashion obsessions from both myself and my wonderful gal pals. (Because most of them have a fashion sense 10X better than me. And all of my outfits must get their approval as well!)

Here we also have DISCOUNTS (that’s right, it’s all of our favorite word) at some of my favorite places!

So look around find something you love, find new ideas, and find great deals!

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